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Some of the biggest strides in energy saving is being made by dishwasher manufacturers, as they account for up to 21% of energy savings in major kitchen equipment items

Paul Anderson, MD at Meiko UK provides his energy saving tips and results from their latest report.

  1. To maintain a dishwasher's energy-saving efficiency throughout its working life, choose one with reverse osmosis water treatment. Reverse osmosis is the most efficient method of keeping your dishwasher free of limescale, which causes energy consumption to rise. It also cuts out the energy and salt use required to run water softeners.
  2. Recycle energy by choosing built-in heat recovery and take advantage of natural ventilation. Building ventilation systems add to carbon footprint from the fabrication, by consuming energy and the need for cleaning and chemicals. Heat recovery is now standard on some dishwashers, including undercounter, pass-through hoods, pot washers and rack transports.
  3. A food waste recycling system is a long-term investment that should last a decade or more. Anaerobic digestion is both green and economical for your operation.
  4. Existing under-counter dishwashers can wash all types of reusables, including bottles, using special racks when appropriate. Returnable bottles are a great way to show sustainability and provide customers with a classier service than plastics and disposables.
  5. Sustainability starts with staff training. There is no point choosing the greenest dishwashing system on the market if your staff do not use it sustainably. Dishwashing operators that offer training support and sustainability advice are often the best in revolving kitchens.

New dishwashing product developments are always coming along to improve the sustainability of dishwash operations. Automatic tray, plate, and cutlery handling systems cut labour. New drying systems means you can safely store washed reusable plastics. Green coach systems ensure 100% of a wash belt on a large machine is fully utilised, maximising energy efficiency.

For more green tips, read the OOH June issue to discover how you can minimise waste and maximise efficiency. 

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