Ignite your taste buds – explore the wonderful world of Piri Piri with Lion’s hot sauces

The surging demand for bold and flavourful cuisine is causing the hot sauce market to soar to new heights - thanks to the rise in food tourism and the ever-growing popularity in global flavours.

Hot sauces are definitely having a moment. Supermarket Waitrose recorded a 55% jump in hot sauce sales in 2023, while there’s now hot sauce festivals and high-fashion hot sauces, and social media is also fuelling the trend – with TikTok shops selling hot sauces of all kinds.

Hot sauces are defined by the chillies they use, with different regions around the globe creating delicious sauces from their local varieties of chillies. Today, high demand for global flavours has seen all different kinds of hot sauces enter the UK market, but one of the most popular has been Piri Piri.

With the Piri Piri trend in mind, Lion has developed a range of delicious Piri Piri hot sauces – with a punchy Garlic Piri Piri sauce brand new for 2023 – as well as new and improved Hot Piri Piri, Medium Piri and Lemon and Herb Piri Piri recipes – meaning there’s a sauce for every pallet!

This alongside our delicious range of hot sauces from across the world – including a delicious Habanero hot sauceAsian Ginger, Garlic & Chilli Sticky SauceLion Thai Honey Sticky Sauce and Lion Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce.

There’s also a Very Hot Chilli Sauce for those who really like things fiery! View the whole range here.

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