Caterers can harness the power of beloved brands with Mondeléz International’s new seasonal recipe series

Despite tougher times, the taste for specialty coffee remains strong in the UK café scene, and there is a growing appetite for an accompanying sweet treat, with a 30 per cent purchase increase and 70 per cent of consumers indulging when they’re out. Leading the future of snacking and empowering people to snack right, one largest snack companies in the world, Mondeléz International, has been inventing, inspiring and investing in a nation of snack lovers for nearly 200 years – and its new range, Inclusions, could be the perfect piece(s) to elevate your baked goods offering. A variety of premium, value-added products from well-known overarching brands such as Cadbury and Oreo, Inclusions are broken pieces that you find sprinkled on top of a McFlurry or you’re your barista-crafted beverage. However, though the segments may be small, one big benefit of Mondeléz Inclusions is their versatility. Not only are they ideal for topping your ice cream and drink, they are also perfect to put in your cakes, cookies, traybakes and more – and they are quick and easy to use for many coffee shop setups. Focusing on this product versatility and inspiration, Mondeléz has launched a campaign centring on the desire to see beloved brands out of home and the upsell opportunity for cafes. ‘The Little Things Matter’ is a seasonal six-part recipe series, which stars chef Philli Armitage-Mattin using the Cadbury and Oreo Inclusion lines to help caterers create head-turning sweet treats that will tempt impulse purchases. Included in these lines are Flake pieces (15 x 500g), Crunchie Bits (10 x 500g), Oreo Crumb (12 x 400g – available both with and without cream), Cadbury Dairy Milk Crazy Pavings (15 x 500g), Cadbury Twirl (10 x 500g) and Cadbury Wispa (15 x 500g).

Already accessible via the Mondeléz professional YouTube channel, these recipe videos will also be available on its new Instagram – both @MondelezProUK. Additional launch elements include a product sampling campaign and a recipe inspiration competition – where business operators can earn ‘little but significant’ rewards, such as spa days, the equivalent of a day’s takings and more.

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