M&S Café improves coffee offering

Expect a stronger coffee next time you visit a M&S Café

Going forward, customers will benefit from changes to the espresso base recipe offering in M&S Cafés. As there will be an increase in the amount of coffee used from 15g to 18g.

This follows a reduction in water used to brew espresso from 60ml to 40ml creating a more intense espresso as a base for all coffees served in the cafes.

The brand has made these changes to improve the quality of its coffee drinks and bring its offer more in line with customer's expectations of speciality coffee shops. With more coffee and less water, the bolder brew will also benefit from whole milk used in milk drinks as standard, giving a smoother, more flavourful coffee.

Alicia Thompson, Director of Hospitality at M&S, said: "At M&S, quality is at the heart of everything we do. We have a saying 'when in doubt, engineer in more quality' and that is what we're doing in our Cafés. We want our M&S Café customers to have an incredible coffee experience, like they'd get at any speciality or local artisan coffee house."

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