Promoted: Growing demand for local, living sourdoughs

Sourdough is the most traditional bakery ingredient; it has been around for over 5,000 years. It involves fermenting flour with natural flora and water. Bakery ingredients specialist Puratos uses a wide variety of flours, microorganisms and fermentation methods to develop its range of dried / stabilized and living Sapore sourdoughs. Dried and stabilized Sapore sourdoughs offer bakers the opportunity to create breads with their own signature taste. The advantages of fresh, living Sapore sourdoughs go beyond taste and are driving demand for this format. The presence of living microorganisms during the fermentation of the dough positively impacts the flavour complexity and the texture of the bread. Such living sourdoughs ferment bread through a mix of lactic bacteria and yeast, which offers certain additional digestive advantages. 

The new sourdough production line in Simonswood UK enables Puratos to locally produce living Sapore sourdoughs, using local ingredients. This approach results in sourdoughs that meet the consumer demands for authentic, local ingredients. Furthermore, it enables Puratos to supply more customers through a cold-supply chain, and thereby meet the growing demand for living sourdoughs. 

All over the world, consumers have different preferences regarding taste, texture, ingredients, etc. Using sourdoughs that are adapted to local consumer preferences allows bakers to successfully introduce new breads and grow their business. That’s why Puratos has different initiatives to detect local consumer preferences, like consumer research, the Quest for Sourdough database, the Sensobus and a laboratory for Sensory Analysis. This helps Puratos support customers looking for insight that can help with product development.