A missed opportuni-tea?

A missed opportuni-tea?

New research has revealed that, while consumers enjoy coffee out of home, tea isn’t hitting the spot.

According to the figures, which are included in a new report by BRITA Professional, while 52% of consumers say the taste of coffee would make them choose to visit a café over another, 46% don’t believe the quality of tea is better in cafés than at home.

The findings show that 29% of consumers prefer the taste of tea when it’s made at home rather than in a café. And while 37% of consumers visit a café to drink coffee they can’t make at home, only 15% say the same for tea.

A difference in what consumers believe makes a quality hot beverage and what operators do was also highlighted. For consumers, the top three aspects are the machine used, if it’s made with filtered water, and if artisanal coffee beans are used. Yet for baristas, the top three measures are using poor quality products, burnt or stale coffee beans, and inexperienced staff.

Samantha Scoles, business manager for BRITA Professional, said: “It’s no secret that we are a nation of coffee connoisseurs and tea enthusiasts. With this growing consumer interest comes a challenge for operators to provide an experience that not only stands out from the competition, but also encourages repeat purchases.

“What our research and subsequent report shows is that there are some disparities between how consumers and baristas define what makes a quality hot beverage. This presents some new and missed opportunities to take hot beverage offerings to the next level.”