Street food focus: What the Pitta!

Street food focus: What the Pitta!

The vegan döner.

What the Pitta! sells “Turkish-inspired vegan treats to vegans, vegetarians and meat-eaters alike” from three London locations, plus it’s new Brighton-based one.

How much?

The menu says:
“Freshly-made bread, spiced soya pieces, mixed salad, tzatziki, homemade hummus and chilli sauce.”

The hype says:
The NME: “A masterclass in plant-based indulgence”; The Metro: “A delicious, plant-based wrap”; Fat Gay Vegan: “Huge, tasty döner wraps stuffed with soy meat, salad and chilli”.

We say?
Following recent developments such as the ‘bleeding’ burger and the launch of London’s first vegan chicken shop (Temple of Seitan), What the Pitta! has grown to prominence with another much-hyped plant-based product. The UK’s first vegan kebab brand (I didn’t think anyone was expecting that to be a particularly crowded market, to be fair) has just branched out of London for the first time, while the concept has been chewed over nationally on programmes including Newsnight and The One Show.

The headline-grabbing product is the vegan döner, which is very much of the mirroring meat for the mass market variety – and the impressive, and slightly unexpected, news is that it succeeds. While the conceit crumbles slightly if the soy is picked out from the abundance of fresh veg and consumed on its own, in the context of the kebab it manages to largely mimic ‘meat’ – albeit in a vague, slightly indiscernible way. So, exactly like the vast majority of doner kebabs then…

Should you believe the hype?
Definitely – they’ve come as close as is currently possible to perfecting plant-based dining. The only slight issue is the company name which, as a pun, as far as I can work out, works on literally no levels…

Pic: Ashur Stanley