Street food focus: The Street Food Chef

Street food focus: The Street Food Chef

What? The pulled pork burrito.

Where? The Street Food Chef is “a family-run Mexican street food outlet passionate about providing a healthy fast food alternative”, which it does via four outlets across Sheffield, plus various pop-ups.

How much? 
Regular £5.50, large £6.50.

The menu says: “12” tortilla wrapped around pulled pork, black beans, rice, iceberg lettuce, sour cream, salsa and jalapeños.”

The hype says: TripAdvisor: “Best burritos I’ve ever had! Really authentic Mexican street food”; Mixtape Couture: “The best burrito I’ve ever eaten. A true gem of the Sheffield food scene”; winner of five Eat Sheffield awards, and a runner up at the Observer Food Awards 2014.

We say: If you’re on the hunt for street food in Sheffield, then where better to head than this eponymous eatery? With three of its outlets being burrito bars, the most extensive option is also the most central: the Mexican canteen on Arundel Street. It’s still an extremely (fast-) casual affair, though, with long shared benches for dining and a simple counter for ordering and serving up.

And this they do extremely quickly, as the first thing we learn is that the food comes out a lot faster than it goes down at The Street Food Chef. Indeed, we have barely finished our pre-feast authentic Mexican bottled beers (just £3 each) when it all arrives.

The large burrito makes a slight mockery of its own wrap format – as attempting to eat this monster hand-held would inevitably end in you involuntarily spilling the beans. The even better news is that the quantity is more than matched by the quality. Well stuffed (the dish, not me… yet), it doesn’t fall into the trap of being overloaded with rice and, while the ingredients are pleasingly fresh, the pulled pork is still able to distinguish itself, as much via its clearly patiently prepared texture as the resultant taste.

The real seal of approval comes, though, when I sample my heat-averse partner’s chicken mole quesadilla and find it to be equally delicious, despite the fact it has only been supplemented by the mildest salsa available – which would normally (in a lesser eatery anyway) be an absolute avicadon’t in my book.

Should you believe the hype? While I remain unconvinced about the “healthy” aspect (in the quantities I ordered anyway), if you’re looking for a fun street food experience in Sheffield, then this place definitely provides the Mex factor – and at a bargain price too.