Street food focus: The Yorkshire Wrap Company

Street food focus: The Yorkshire Wrap Company

The Yorkshire pudding wrap.

The Yorkshire Wrap Company dishes out “great Yorkshire food locally sourced and served in a Yorkshire pudding wrap” from its one outlet in Kirkgate Market Food Hall in Leeds.

How much?

The menu says:
“Overnight slow roast pork and homemade sage and onion stuffing wrapped in a delicious fresh made Yorkshire pudding wrap. Served with homemade mustard and apple sauces.”

The hype says:
@Yorkshire_Pics: “This has got to be the best food in Leeds or even Yorkshire”; Facebook review: “The tastiest Yorkshire pudding wrap I have ever eaten”; TripAdvisor review: “Out of this world! Really tasty and filling.”

We say:
The humble Yorkshire pudding became a somewhat unlikely street food sensation last year when The York Roast Co posted a picture of its new ‘wrap’ on its Facebook page. The idea of using a Yorkshire pudding as a carrier unexpectedly started trending, picking up over 30,000 shares. The BBC then produced a video of the wrap being prepared, which received over 12m views, leading to queues out of the door.

While The York Roast Co is a sandwich outlet that also produces Yorkshire pudding wraps, The Yorkshire Wrap Company in Leeds specialises solely in the product. It operates from a simple stall in a city centre food hall, selling just three core products – slow roast beef, slow roast pork and the breakfast wrap, plus daily specials.

Having opted for the pork, the first thing that hits you is just what a bargain it is. For £5 you’re pretty much getting a whole meal. Which is almost a shame, as after one bite I realise I’d really like to try the beef too. The pudding provides a satisfying carrier, while the meat is perfectly cooked and beautifully tender and tasty, with a pleasing contrast being added by the sweet red cabbage that they happily add for me. Great British food at its best – and, I can also attest, a remarkably effective hangover cure.

Should you believe the hype?
It’s a frankly massive Yorkshire pudding, hosting slow-cooked meat and the appropriate condiments, all for a fiver. It really is as good as that sounds. Indeed, it’s so delicious that we will be heading up to York very soon to report back on the outlet that started the whole craze.