Desert island dishes

Desert island dishes

Thai green curry
This has got to be my ultimate comfort food. I actually remember the very first one I had at a Thai restaurant. Knowing how I struggle with too much heat, my father actually tricked me into eating a green chilli that was used as a garnish. I got hooked on oriental flavours… but I still can’t handle the heat.

Chicken gyoza
This is such a simple dish but it is surprisingly hard to make at home.

Char sui pork buns
I’m really into ‘one hand food’ after discovering this at a street food vendor in Soho. These pork buns are filling and delicious!

Mediterranean pork casserole (mum’s special recipe)
It’s a dish I first made for Mother’s Day from an old family cookbook. My mother and I adapted it together on numerous occasions, and every time I have it the dish reminds me of being at home.

Chicken roast dinner
Sunday is important in my house because we all sit down together to eat a roast, and this is my favourite variation – the gravy is a must! A roast reminds me of family and being at home! It has to come with Yorkshire pudding and extra thick gravy.

Chocolate salted caramel tart
This is one of the first cakes I fell in love with at my current place of work. I’m not usually a salted caramel kind of person but this is to die for, and I always recommend it to my customers.

Five Guys chips
There’s no such thing as a small portion of chips in Five Guys, but I can eat them over and over again – especially as they come double fried in peanut oil.

Vanilla latte with sugar free syrup
I obviously have to add a coffee! I actually only started drinking coffee when I began working for bartlett mitchell, and I’ve gone through various phases of no coffee, lots of coffee, to just one a day. I’ve naturally tried every syrup we offer, but only vanilla is the one that really does it for me!

What luxury item would you take with you?
My duvet – its comfy and I’m a homely soul who would be happy to stay in this all day!

What one book would you take?
I love to read so probably a big book like the complete three in one edition of Lord of the Rings (is that cheating?), or Phillip Pullman’s Dark Materials.

Of all the dishes (and drinks) above, which would be the one you’d choose over the others?
Char sui pork buns without a doubt.